Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Are you still here?

Hi all... It's bee a while since I added anything to this blog for a number of reasons; but it's mostly to do with the change in google policy some time ago.

Me being as disorganised as I am, I didn't get around to finalising a location of a new blog before the changes took place. Either way, I'm suppressingthe 'Big Brother' paranoia long enough to risk sticking my neck out and saying the new Discord Designs blog (That's been ruinning for five months now - d'oh!)can be found at:


Why come back and say it now? Because in two weeks time, we go through Hair Fair, and today is the 5th anniversary of me opening the doors of Discord Designs. Only seemed right...

Anyway - sorry for the non-announcement; and hope to see you on Tumblr...

Kalli xx

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

We want information..

Hi all - survey and prize draw time - to enter, just come to the main store - or any for that matter - and buy something! While you're there, touch a sign for a Survey,. Spend a minute filling it in (just eight questions; nothing personal) and return it to Kallisti Burns to double your chances of winning upwards of 5,000L worth of hair.

Can't say fairer than that.

Surveys instore now, and the draws start tomorrow...

Until next time,


Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Back in black...

Due to popular demand, I've gone back to the ESD03.2 and created the black version - now in-world, and yours for just 15L at Moonsong

Come get if you fancy... I'll get back to working on something new to me...

Until I eventually get it finished, or La Venta Eventa goes around,


Sunday, 4 December 2011

No rest for the wicked - prototyping for LVE

La Venta Eventa hit me a week before I was expecting it to - fail...

Still, I've mentioned before that I'll be looking at my dreads soon, with the intention to replace them (AGAIN!) so I've been throwing a few texture tests together... and then I read she sheet and found myself with nothing to put out... so my texture test - the second one - went live under the name EDS03.2

There was supposed to be a fourth blonde, but they all looked brassy and horrible... Still working on it...

Well - this is is - the three test colors and from here I'll hit Max again and make some better sculpties. Watch this space... but please don't hold your breath for a 36 color release of this one... Available for the course of La Venta Eventa, although I might leave it up for a day or two seeing as I was so late to advertise it here...

Until next time,


Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Tasche Dash - Day 30 - Looks like we made it to the end...

You know... I sometimes live to regret being impulsive, and making snap decisions about things. Had I known this would take me around 200 hours to do I might have thought differently, what with everything else going on this month, but I got there... The final style is Vincent -

All in all, that makes fifteen mustaches, seven goatees, six full beards, a set of muttons and some whiskers... thirty facial hairstyles, thirty blog posts (28 of them on time... blush) and a serious extension to the beards wing at -dDx-... I hope there's something for you!

I reckon I may be taking a break for a few days, so until I get back, probably with some dreads, I'd imagine, be safe!

Until next time,


Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Tasche Dash - Day 29 - Dundundundun Der Der DUH, Der der DUH, der der DUH...

OK... the penultimate one for you all now... It's a rebuild of a -dD- stalwart in the form of Kerry:

Retextured, improved sculptie beads... Just generally a better job this time.

Anyway - That's today's... tomorrows is the last effectively, but so that you can have a stab at it early, it is out and available now... I'll blog it tomorrow though. ;)

Until then,


P.S. In other beard related news I'm sorry to have to report that the Burns store has massively downsized, pending a refit on the remaining 512m parcel. My landlord of four and a half years (and more) is selling up his mainland plots, and gave me first refusal to buy the remnants of the store to keep it going; but the cost of doing so would have upped my tier to way more than the store was returning - I'm sorry I had to let it go, but there you are.

Apologies I didn't provide you all with more warning; but I had 24 hours to make my decision - and that was it, I'm afraid. A small store still stands, but it will not be by any stretch large enough to support -dD- styles; as each vendor is 46 prims - just too much for a space with 117 total.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Tasche Dash - Day 28 - Salsa Verdi

Winding up now... as of writing this I've actually built all the releases - because yes, I have been running this by the seat of my pants. I only decided to start work on this on the 26th of October... so thirty-two builds later (I ditched two for completely different reasons) and so far, twenty eight releases later I'm finally winding it down, and have every intention to go down with a heavy cold on December the first... Still... Nearly finished NaNoWriMo as well... *fnar*

Still style 28 - Giuseppe - a rather traditional full beard, with a sculpted mustache...

Nice eh?

Anyway... Just two more to tint, box and ship out... I'll let you in on one being a pointed goatee, the other being a rebuild of a popular -dD- standby...

Until tomorrow,


Sunday, 27 November 2011

Tasche Dash - Day 27 - Wave goodbye to Sunny - Say hello to Klaus

OK... started off thinking 'I know... I'll make a simple long goatee or something' at ten this morning... eventually, after several hours and some genuine moments of 'WHY!?', I came up with this beast...

Klaus - the second biggest beard in the -dDx- range, only toppled by Thor. To be fair, I really kinda like it for what it is now it's done.

OOH - Competition time! This is a 'blog only' one... First person to IM me, Kallisti Burns, inworld with the origin of the quote in the title gets the complete Klaus - and Thor - free... ;)

We're 90% of the way there now... :S

Until tomorrow,


Saturday, 26 November 2011

Tasche Dash - Day 26 - The return of the legend

The original of this style was created in the early days of 2008 - and each and every time I tried to get rid of it there was a backlash - quite simply it showed its age because - well - I wasn't that great a builder back then.

Even so, the Tasche in question gave rise to it's own inworld owners' club... on seing that, I felt I had no choice but to resurrect and rebuilt - BANDITO:

It's all there - the volume, the drop below the chin, the long fluffy bits - but this time the lines are smooth, textures are better and overall it's... well... Just look at it... :))

In other news, this weekend I'm participating in the Euphoria Black Friday sale with a double pack of Lotta and Hustle for just 50L and you can also find Charlie and Stampede in double packs for 90L at Men's Select on Fantasia... here are some samples:

Until tomorrow,


Friday, 25 November 2011

Tasche Dash - Day 25 - Splitting the difference

Today we have a large forked beard with bead details - unscripted, but wholly modifiable if you fancy recoloring the ends... ;)

This is Uthar:

Something smaller tomorrow... ;)

Until next time,


Thursday, 24 November 2011

Tasche Dash - Day 24 - Less is more

Announcing Gomez - a fine pencil mustache - by request!

There's still time to get your requests in should you fancy one being made - just IM me inworld and I'll see what I can pull off.

Until next time,


Tasche Dash - Day 23 - Late again... *fail*

Sorry - this was my bad... put it out fifteen hours ago then got caught up in some RL...

Marti's now live!

I *promise* I'll blog on time tomorrow...

Until then,