Tuesday, 23 February 2010

I'm going to hell for this one...

Announcing that yes, I have been getting off my sorry arse and have been creating again... albeit slowly... hey... progress is progress.

I have something in the bag that I *will* get done soon that you're going to want to see (although the NDA is still in effect there)... but in the meantime, I'd thought you'd probably like a heads up on a release coming out towards the end of the week. Braids... New ones. The first since Hair Fair '09, in fact...

This is Monique...

I'm posting this now as I've got a lot to say about it, and with the rush of a release I may forget... so... here goes.

This thing is, without question, the largest, most complex style I've created to date (in terms of primcount)... I knew it was unfeasible using my current methods to create anything really long and wild on a single attach point, as the 255 prim restriction saw to that. As such, I've overshot - intentionally - and yes I know some people will accuse me of lagging teh grid to hades, but... mea culpa. Monique attaches to skull and mouth - as would a hair and beard combo of mine. The result is, as you can see, some seriously long braids with dandy flexi ends.

Is it resizable automatically? Its not... sorry... but it does colorchange the beads into any one of 16 million colors, or whathaveyou. It's intentionaly non- autoresize as each prim of these things requiers a listener script to be maintained in each element. The server load of the sheer number of scripts would probably flatten most sims given time... so I've left them out. The hair is, however, rigged as fully moddable without having to fanny about dropping and collecting and so forth to get it to work.

Due to the amount of work involved, and the having to create what is effectively two elaborate styles to form one, I'll be pricing acordingly... sorry... In addition, I would ask all those who buy this beast to be gracious with it... No big events please, and be aware that there are more vertices in this thing than most game developers could ever dream of.

I know its wrong... but so many people have asked for long sculpted braids I had to do something.

Out later this week... watch this space...

Until next time,


Thursday, 4 February 2010

Three weeks late?

Um... well... got me a minute now to add something here about latest developments. I've launched the Hawkeye braided mohican, redrawn my store advertising (with plenty of advice from the irrepressable Alice Hoyer) and have started work on some new hair textures with the intention to create something that actually works low-prim, and looks a little more realistic than my current batch allow me to do.

Also working on a long set of braids that hopefully will be finished shortly - but for the meantime, its a lot of little jobs that are keeping me on my toes and away from the bigger picture - like updating the blog when I throw something out...

Mea culpa...

Until next time,