Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Are you still here?

Hi all... It's bee a while since I added anything to this blog for a number of reasons; but it's mostly to do with the change in google policy some time ago.

Me being as disorganised as I am, I didn't get around to finalising a location of a new blog before the changes took place. Either way, I'm suppressingthe 'Big Brother' paranoia long enough to risk sticking my neck out and saying the new Discord Designs blog (That's been ruinning for five months now - d'oh!)can be found at:


Why come back and say it now? Because in two weeks time, we go through Hair Fair, and today is the 5th anniversary of me opening the doors of Discord Designs. Only seemed right...

Anyway - sorry for the non-announcement; and hope to see you on Tumblr...

Kalli xx