Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Last day before decimation

Hi all... been silent a while thanks to a much needed boost of RL... but let me say you've got until around 2am tomorrow morning to get to -dD- and pick up the bargains on those 50 styles I'm culling...

Act fast or repent slooowly... ;)

Until next time,


Thursday, 12 August 2010


Hi all... it's a lot later than I intended to be up today, but I had to say something. We've remodelled the store... and in the course of doing so, we noticed that a lot of the older styles are showing their age compared to latest trends in SL hair... so we're deleting them... but not without giving you the chance to get your hands on them first.

So there you have it... the first -dD- sale since our first birthday... which coincidentally was the last time we remodelled... go figure.

OK.. it's late... this reads badly, but I really, REALLY have to get some shut-eye ;)

Until next time,


Monday, 9 August 2010

New textures - new braids - new releases...

Well, I've made good on my word... After a small amount of blood, plenty of sweat and even a few tears, I've been able to fling together some new braids and successfully texture them to match the current dDx color palette... and seeing as the creation techniques for these were significantly different to the other textures that have gone before, that was no mean feat!

In addition, I've thrown out a full 'regular colors' version of the dreads in the Crazy Arse Hair Hunt for those who like the style, but don't find the snakeskin texture to be a good match to the rest of the wardrobe.

So without further ado - once again, here's Astrid - the Bavarian buns, Aeshna - the layered dreaded do; and Trine, the experimental thick cornrows... which, incidentally is supplied with and without the pulled hair between the braids, for those of you wishing to wear a hairbase underneath.

All now live instore. Come in and give them a try

Until Next time,


Monday, 2 August 2010

Third iteration...

Greetings once again from Kalli Land...

OK - last post I mentioned that I was working on some new braids; and that I wasn't going to save the big releases for September the 4th this year (as so much of it gets lost in the crush of Hair Fair - and let's be serious, how am I ever going to compete for attention with the likes of Truth, Exile, Ploom, Fri.day and 120+ other designers dropping on average 4.3 styles apiece (plus freebies) on the one day?) So like I said then, I'm throwing evidence of progression out here.

The textures on the braids themselves are still to be refined - so doubtlessly they'll look a little different come release; but for now here are some shots of two forerunners to the 3.0 braid line.

OK... what you see here I've tentatively called Trine (the top one) and Astrid. One is a traditional (for me at least) whole head braid - but this differs from anything that's gone before insofar as the braids themselves are now infinitely more bendy than they ever have been. They're a joy to work with as a result, and allow for more complicated twists, twirls and so forth without looking forced or awkward.

One positive bonus of the new braided sculpties are they allow me to create workable braided buns for the first time, as can be seen in Astrid. It's basically a "double Bavarian knot" (or as a rather crass friend of mine once said "Danish Pastry hair" - I slapped him for that one...)

I hope to have the time to create a few more mixed braided and non-braided styles. I've done it before to limited success, but I think I've got the kit to actually do it reliably now...

Either way - expect these, and the previously mentioned dreaded style Aeshna, live shortly... certainly in advance of Hair Fair.

Until next time,