Friday, 30 November 2007

By popular demand...

Ask and thou shalt receive... The -dD- Gift certificate is here... 99L and redeemable against any hair in store... a way to buy a style for someone even though all our hair is no transfer...

Vendors for gift certificates can be found by the landing point, and round by the tails near the eye hut. Instructions enclosed!

Until next time,


Thursday, 29 November 2007

Something different this way comes...

I've noticed something about my work of late... It's getting longer and longer... and more and more distant from what would otherwise be regarded as normal wearing hair... So I've done some thinking and have engineered a simple A-line bob with feathered tips and random lengths in it for extra choppiness and feeling of life.

Early stages yet, and fighting to resolve the alpha issues is likely to kill me... but I give you a work in progress of Sakura... actually no... I give you the vendor shots for Sakura, because, lets face it, I'm nothing if not optimistic.

Coming soon to Synchronicity Island...

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Miss Burns playing catch-up...

Well it's time for news of new releases again - three so far this week.

As mentioned before, I've throwmn out the Basic Neko Kit, and now the Complete Neko Kit too... ear tail, hair and eyes, all bundled together. Also been busy enough to get Siren out there; so be one of the first to wear this rather stunning hairdos!

In other news, prototyping is now finishes and tinting and cloming of Hydra and Chimera is underway - both are about a third of teh way through this somewhat arduous process (made even moreso when your six-year-old machine is grinding away with background processes you cannot locate...) but still... Won't be long now.

I've decided, seeing as they're so similar, to also launch a double pack of Hydra and Chimera so you can have both at a 25% discount, which isn't too shabby!

Bring on the photos!

In other news, Band, Zoe and Kate have now been officially retired... So no, you cannot request either one in a single color anymore. BUT you can still buy the storage crate should you so desire; at the cunningly discounted rates of 25L each for Zoe and Kate; or 1L for Band. Note that for the moment, Siren and the neko kits, along with the retired lines are only available at our main store on Synchronicity.

Until next time,


Sunday, 25 November 2007

Developments, and why the heck have I not released anything this week?

OK, what can I say...?

Asset server issues in the main - every time I find the time to tint and clone, LL prevents me picking anything up - it's frustrating in the extreme and there have indeed been tears of frustration; but Siren and Mu will be coming shortly. That said, seeing as I cannot tint and clone, it hasn't stopped me building.

I've created a cat tail and ears set (the basic neko kit) which I will be launching as is, and with Aya and packs of cat eyes as a complete neko kit - 39 and 149L respectively.

Also I have created two additional hairstyles - a funky four-way pony called Hydra, set for imminent release, and a two-way long flexi pony based on Hydra called Chimera - both will be set for rapid deployment at 99L apiece, or as a double pack for 149L. Pics to follow once I get the vendor boards assembled.

Furthermore, this means some serious moving about to get everything to fit in. Zoe has been retired, along with Band. The Marion Eowyn double pack has been deleted, and Eowyn has been cut to 49L. Further developments are likely to see the early retirement of Kate, a cut in price for Joss, Aki and Heidi to 49L etc. etc.etc. I could go on, but really... if I did this post would last forever...

Eyes wise, the charity crate is on hold pending a complete reworking of the human eye colours - all forty-odd, to give dilated pupils as an option. We're nearly there, but I'm not gonna upload them until I am SURE I can set up the eye hut to accommodate, so please bear with me.

Furtherore, Wisper has announced her intention to start making hair (under my tutorage, the poor thing), so watch this space for news of her work becoming live... and she's looking at specialising in men's hair, which is likely to be a relief to all and sundry... myself included.

I only hope that I get enough time to make a decent stab at getting things online soon.

Until next time,


Sunday, 18 November 2007

First retirement in the offing...

Well... the shop has been live for nigh on five months... we've seen panic, drama runs on certain styles... and others that sat there and simply didn't move...

Second Life is full of hair designers... some famous and amazing... some famous and not so... others small and amazing... others not so... and it's fair to say I rank in the latter category; primarily as this is a learning process and I'm carrying dead weight... so the time comes to start axing (no pun intended after the recent release name) the styles that, for want of a better word, suck...

The fist to bite the dust is Band... simply because nobody will buy it, even for a Linden. And if you read back you did say that it was the base fo a style that I was working on, but didn't have the skill to pull off back then... Well... now I've managed it. This is Siren:

To be honest, I look at myself (pictured right) and think I've never looked hotter... but that could just be a me thing. It's a long straight style (that I'm calling unisex... because Arthur here don't look bad either!) with a couple of flexi bits at the front, hanging over the band which is, of course, colorchange. Due for release with Mu, our first flexi tail, next week.

Band will be retired as Siren goes live, but will carry on in the bargain basement under the shed, available as a storage crate only at a much reduced rate... so a linden, then!

Until Next time,


Friday, 16 November 2007

Axe and Nariko live...

...Nariko has a new vendor photo...

...yet the eye crate is yet to appear!

The reasons are straightforward, really. I've been busy with other things. News of forthcoming releases is always frustrating without pics, but I can reveal a new men's style, James, is underway - it looks and works similar to Criss, but a little more carefully done. Also, no fewer than SIX ponytails are en route to replace the existing three, which are now showing their age.

In ther news; as James and one other men's style go live, (plans are afoot for a dedicated long one) Jude and Axe will move, along with the new ponies, into the unisex area. Aki and Whisper will head to the back - and Kate, Band and Zoe will be retired.

You have been warned... ;)

Until next time,


Friday, 2 November 2007

As you know, I excel at random

Not enough men's hair, is something I hear a lot... so I've whipped up a long men's style in no time flat... set to tint and clone over the weekend so should be live soon... Meet Axe...

One day I'll stick to one thing at a time...

Until next time,