Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Peer pressure will win every time you try to fight it

A quick note this one...

It was meant to be a limited group gift, but sales of the associated dollarbies are still spiralling on the Marketplace... So I've relented to persistent requests and made the "rest" collection of the EFB01 available on the SL Marketplace, for the price of a regular hair box... minus two Lindens, of course.

Not grabbed it yet? Now's your chance!

Until next time,


Tuesday, 18 January 2011

A change of tack(iness)

I make hair, right? Well...

I've always been somewhat in awe of those who do things on the grid that I can't... or more strictly don't... I've also managed to obtain a pretty serious collection of slightly leftfield clothing; as you might have noticed from some of my vendor shots.

Well... the justification, four years ago (god... really?!) in starting a hair business was that I was spending too much on hair? Well, now it makes sense that I look at clothing - specifically 'shiny' clothing - seeing as I've finally got myself in a position where I'm more comfortable with GIMP.

This is my first foray into clothes since a previously aborted attempt during HF08, when I needed a break from making hair after prepping for the event. Back then I was using ten year old imaging software - now at least I've been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

The wrap shirts are available exclusively on the Marketplace for just 120L the lot until I decide how I'm going to pursue this line of investigation.

On a secondary note, with these in mind, along with a few other product lines, I have created the dDxXx blog for covering stuff that I cannot throw up on the feeds. There's little up there now... that's really a placeholder for me to act on later... ;)

Well... I better get back to moving the dDx shop stock onto Marketplace...

Until next time,


Monday, 3 January 2011

2011 arrives with a new set of dreads

So here we are... I was supposed to be launching a beard but due to some software issues at this end (read crashing and wiping of files) I've lost a glob of the textures I made... but ah well... They'll get there soon...

In the meantime I got into a conversation that led to an idea being bandied about that I had to do something with... the result is Khafre; which I must confess I'm kinda happy with, bearing in mind the turnaround time!

OK... it has a girl in the shot... well... me... but it works on guys too, like most of my dreads.

Hope you like it - and it's live now...

Until next time,