Saturday, 31 January 2009

I am sheep, hear me meme...

...and better late than never.. this was supposed to be yesterday... but...

Achariya Maktoum came up with the whole concept of the "same damn thing" blog meme. PLENTY of others have already succumbed and now so do I...

The idea...
So many poeple seem to blog the same items... but can we all make them our own by adding accessories, personal touches and alike to one selected item?

So far I have to say yes, but here I am throwing my own hat into the ring. The item in question is a Cambridge Cuffed shirt from Armidi

Kallisti wears:
Shirt - Cambridge Cuffed Shirt - Armidi
Underpants - Camo latex hipsters (Black) - Elixir
Undershirt and pants - G04 leather harness - Graves
Boots - NAU Combat Boots - The Abyss
Jacket (carried) - 'Busta' Riders' jacket - Cipher
Skin - Lyra Sublime custom - Second Skin Labs
Eyes - Starstruck Alicia - Discord Designs
Hair - Kaiba (Penny) - Discord Designs
Pose - Runway V2 #13 - Reel Expressions

Until next time,


Friday, 30 January 2009

The statement and the resolution...

I mentioned that I would be giving away a free short men's hair... I did... and I will... Announcing the hairstyle in the Subscribeomatic for the month of February:

Harvey will be dug out and stuck up for sale at the usual rate, to be replaced by Craig either late on the 31st, or first thing on the 1st. Existing group members will, of course, be given the heads up and an inspection copy then and there...


Until next time,


Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Two new for you...

Ok... so I've been a little busy loading like an idiot this last 24 hours. Emphasis on 'like an idiot' as I cloned one style fully before I realised that the perms were wrong; but that's resolved now. Rush is now live in Sync and at Hairspray - and another braided number, Sasy, likewise.

Sasy is named after Sasy Scarborough who was bemoaning no less than 48 hours ago that I hadn't got enough long braids... couldn't have that!

So... yours to own should you so desire...

Until next time,


Saturday, 24 January 2009

Somewhat unexpected...

OK... So things are still a little bit up in the air here, but at present I'm finding some time to build... which is always good.

Either way... I've now received the beta for the texturechanger for Rush and have added a few more prims to the new short men's do that I've still got standing on my platform.

In the meantime, however, I've been leaned on quite heavilly for a version of Layla without the headband... so basically Kaiba but beaded.

This proved to be rather straightforward... but typically, I've not just rebuilt... I've experimented with bullet shaped sculptie tips rather than flexis, which I think look pretty cool. It does mean that the hair is static... but there's little movement in the sculpted braids anyway. See what you think...

Now live... Demos going out to group in the next 24 hours... The beads are colorchange, of course, and instructions are supplied. If you like Layla or Kaiba, you're going to want to give this one a looksee...

Until next time,


Saturday, 17 January 2009

Harvey now live AND FREE!

It's this simple... Turn up instore, join the update group... get Harvey in ALL COLORS.

Offer good until the 31st of January 2009.

Until next time,


Thursday, 15 January 2009

The irony is not lost...

Guys... Girls... I'm sorry.

My RL has caught up with me, so despite my last hair proto being named Rush, there will be no rush to get them completed until it calms down out here. Precisely how long I'll be away I'm not sure.. expecting a week at the very least.

Yes, I know I have a men's style to give away to the group. This WILL happen as soon as possible. It's getting there... but isn't set yet.

Until then, if anything changes, I'll update accordingly.

Be safe, all... and I'll be right back...

Until next time,


Saturday, 10 January 2009

Something of a Rush...

OK... the head covering for a set of tied dreads became something more...

This is a prelim for a style I'm calling Rush... First person who places the reference gets mondo kudos... ;)

Yes I know I said it was a guy's style, but it will be... I'm just too lazy to get changed...


Until next time,


Working on some male business...

Got the basics done for a head covering for a masculine tied up dreaded style, one half of a new sensible short choppy men's do... and this...

Meet Harvey.

Open dreads... admittedly unisex, but hey... I still sell as many Keitaros to girls as I do to guys... can we really sy that any hair is one way or the other?

Well... yes... :S

Last week I released 3 girly ones... so next week it's time for the boys to get back in town... watch this space.

Until next time,


Sunday, 4 January 2009

The first fruit of '09...

Nox, Jocasta and Paige all now live in-store.

Got to admit, I'm pretty pleased with all three for various reasons. In fact, I first made a stab at something that ought to have been Jocasta before I even opened the store. This one has been some time in coming...

Hope you like them...

Until next time,