Saturday, 13 August 2011

One new, One updated, One out for La Venta Eventa

Does what it says in the title - just a short one to let you know of three new styles:

Khrystina - medium length messy braids with black roots - think Lux, but you've had it a few weeks and slept in it;) Available this weekend for La Venta Eventa in 5 shades - Ash Blonde, Discord Red, Raven Black, Milk Chocolate and Pearl for just 90L

Aly - the first set of braided pigtails since the now discontinued Seraphina - released two and a half years ago(!) - yeah... I took my time :$

Jocasta's another old one initially, released January 2009 - built December 2008, but one that's proven to be inordinately popular. It's high time it was revamped and has been - although the inherent details remain the same. Same back, updated headband and finally a better front...