Friday, 1 April 2011

No fooling - just releases...

Since I last blogged, I've knocked together three new ones for you to take a look at - John, Loki and Sascha.

John has been out around a week now - but its taken me a while to get to blog. This was actually the requested style by Garnet Neutron, who's photo of her partner StrayDog Loxley was a prizewinner in the Discord Designs Flickr competition just before Christmas. Short, sensible and wavy with just a few loose hairs. I like this one because, unlike any of the others,the primary bulk of this one was created out of world and imported in. New developments and long may they continue.

Loki is a replacement for the ever popular, but now Discontinued Odin style. A ponytail with braided elements. While this one works well on men aiming for that Norse look (waving at you Viking RPers out there now...) my petite female av looks lovely in it... and then there's Sascha:

Relatively short, swept back mini-pomp with a little flick over the back. Conversely this one was intended for the girls, but George, my ever suffering Male shape that I use for modelling (seen above in Loki, just FYI) certainly looks respectable in Sascha...

Either way, all three are now up for your inspection, so do drop by, have a gander and see if I'm joking with you regarding the unisex accessibility of these ones!

Until next time,