Friday, 9 September 2011

Exclusivity comes at a (reasonable) price

Greetings again after something of a break. This time out I offer you a little inside info on two styles available exclusively at Le.Look and Euphoria. The Le.Look exclusive -dDx- style is a set of long cornrows (that people have asked for) called Kaycee - five tails behind, one over the shoulder.

The Euphoria exclusive is a short, masculine cornrow pony, named hustle (remember our old -dD- style Rush? now you see where the name comes from ;) )

Both of these styles went live today. Topping that, of course, La Venta Eventa has cropped up again this weekend for me, so BOTH of these are available in the 5-pack of Discord Red, Milk Chocolate, Raven Black, Pearl and Ash Blonde for 90L. The boards, however, are not in the main store but in Le.Look and Euphoria respectively. Fear not if you're missing a landmark - TPs to both are available from the info board at the enterance to the main store.

Until next time,