Wednesday, 25 March 2009

So sue me... I lied...

Was going to wait on releasing these three, but meh... couldn't... :D

Announcing Lydia, Savannah and Katja.... all live now...

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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

3 out of five...

Third hood-rework prototype prepared... This is Katya:

Just leaves the curly ones to do now, then I'll drop them all together I think.

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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The revolution has not been televised

I've kept this fairly close to my chest... OK, my friends know about it because I've Plurked it, but I've been working with Jeela Juran over at BoingO on some hoods to accompany her leather lines... and they've come out quite well if you don't mind me saying so...

Five styles, each kitted for colorchange to 12 of our most popular colors - Snow, Lead, Onyx, Platinum, Hessian, Penny, Amethyst, Reptile, Malice, Pepper, Cinnamon and Raven - at the touch of a button. The hood itself is scripted resize as well and comes with a choice of cowls for your neck... basically it's a little more expensive than you'd expect from me as a whole, at 475L a style, but that's still the equivalent of 40L a color... no big thing really. Each is available in two hood variants at the Boingo main store on Fantasy Land 3... Just up the road from where my satellite store used to be.

This also means is that I have five half-finished hairs floating around, so I've made a start on reworking them into actual saleable, hood free styles. One is almost ready to launch, the other is in retexturing land as a working prototype. The former I've titled Lydia, the latter Savannah (on the recommendation of Trinity Coulter...)

Hopefully I'll have these two set to go live in the not too distant. Also working on a slightly Emo men's do, a stupidly big beard and at least one more of the remaining three hairs from the hoods. It's going to be a blast, let me tell you...

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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Backtracking in the name of progress

Common thing for me to look at my lines and thing "well I can do better than that..." and no surprises, I've started a periodic reshuffle of stock, replacing old stuff with new.

One of my primary areas of concern is the long open styles I sell... because, dear reader, they're textured badly, due to the way I tried to work them. well OK... it's not disastrous... just no longer representative of my ability... or I like to think so... So in the name of progress, and after a boot in the wazoo by Leknaart Timeless to make a new one; I did... This is Shurelia - Live now

This one replaces the old Miko line, which I was going to discount... and might... but I haven't quite yet. To be honest, I may sit it out until someone leans on me about it.

Also out is a replacement for Haruka and Ishi - a sculpted set of piggies using the old handle 'Boo'...

Note as well the switch to the new style "Series 4" vendor photos... Basically I decided "what the hell"... so they'll be cropping up around the store.


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Saturday, 7 March 2009

The girl from fifteen years ago...

Just so you know, the March freebie in the subscribeomatic is a reworking of Avril, entitled "1994"...

Back then.... 1994; several of my friends did this with their hair... always takes me back when I see it, and Avril seemed perfect for it... so I recreated...

I've given it a more contemporary twist with the slight pink tint on the tips, played with the prim layouts a little to accommodate, graduated with a dark brown intermediate band and added roots. Love it... Hope you will too... Free to subscribeomatic group members until April first... after then, it dies...

Come get...

Until next time,