Saturday, 19 March 2011

Relocation, fundraising and development

Hi all - two... well, nearly three weeks away from the blog while everything shifts.

We're now based on Moonsong - Synchronicity has gone and the range in Moonsong is increasing as I retint old -dD- lines and add more stuff.

The inaugural new release at Moonsong was a set of flexi braids in the style of the EFB01 - called Alana:

Part of the retexturing gave rise to the discovery of the apocryphal 7th geometrics style - the sideburns - which, of course, have been launched.

The next release wasn't even at Moonsong, but instead part of the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser; organised in the wake of the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami last week. The style at that event, Ren, will only be available during the run of the event, so if dreads and a headscarf are your thing, you're going to want to brave the (surprisingly low) lag and get your hands on it.

And finally... new beard - five months in the offing for those who've seen it on Flickr. Vlad is out now and marks a paradigm shift in our prim beard developments.

So come by and check it out... but DO visit the PCF fundraiser and grab some remarkable stuff from over 400 creators.

Until next time,