Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Biker beards from Mars....

It's been a while... the whole hair fair thing, then some potential repurcussions relating to a Linden Labs tweak of the new viewer have left me a little deflated... and to be honest I was due some time off - but I've been at it again in the beards department.

Specifically, I was walking around Hair Fair (the day before it went public, admittedly) and saw numerous Lady Gaga inspired hairs out there... you know the ones - with the bow tied in out of the hair itself? No? Well neither did I until I googled it... well... I've made my own take on it and it's live...

OK... it's a little quirky, but hey - so's the majority of the rest of the range. In addition, I've been at it to create something a little more 'hardcore' and some would say practical - based loosely on the beard 'Slayer' Guitarist Kerry King sports. It's finished but not live yet - waiting on the model for the shoot; one Arianrhod Gehlbard - the tweakress behind Silverwheel who has been nagging me (nicely though) about posing in a beard... Either way - placer pic for you all to see. Lord Gaga is live now, Kerry will be out some time later this week, once Ari and I cross paths.

Until next time,


Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The big Hair Fair reveal - Part 4 of 4

OK... it's technically tomorrow, and I have a busy day in RL... so without further ado... the last in my installments of new stuff for Hair Fair and instore.

Ladies and Gentlemen... the forerunners of braids 2.0

Yes; I've had this in the back of my mind for over six months now; and yes, I could have got to it sooner (in fact I first broke out the sculptor to make a start in December...) but things got in the way... blah blah blah... and to be honest, I re-evaluated how to make the braids from the ground up.

Ok... I'm waffling... Pics...

Now, you can all thank Alice Hoyer for looking at the first attempts at these and making the very valid point that they needed their own designated textures... three banks, or 219 images in total... but you have to concede, it's worth it... She is, as I call her, and evil genius; which is of course meant as a compliment! ;)

Yolanda is the Hair Fair one... and the ONLY female hair I'm presenting this year... while Ryu and DeShaun go into the store.

Furthermore, Faery Sola at Studio Sidhe as done a set of beads to fit Yolanda due for release as soon as Hair Fair opens! Thanks!

So that's it for Hair Fair... All we need to do now is finish loading them all and get the booth set up...

Until next time,


Tuesday, 16 June 2009

The big Hair Fair reveal - Part 3 of 4

OK... now here's something I've been asked a couple of times... can I get an undercut?

Given the way it's been previously, the limitations of prim size has been an issue; unless you want a textured one that alphas. I tried a texture undercut with Anthony last year and wasn't overly convinced that it did what I wanted it to - and seeing as my texturing skills aren't the greatest on the face of the metaverse; I've thought about these from a prim perspective. Using the multis I featured yesterday I've gone and created three... Aiodhan, Judy and Kele

Aiodhan's going into Hair Fair... the other two go in store. Couldn't resis making Kele... using both the microdreads and the multis... and yes; it IS named after the lead singer in Bloc Party (hence the shirt) who sports something similar.

More tomorrow... and by now I think you can guess what I've been saving for last...


Monday, 15 June 2009

The big Hair Fair reveal - part 2 of 4

Part two... hmm...

OK... I always get complaints that men's hair in Sl simply isn't short enough. And it comes down to one simple reason - there are a limited number of prims you can tie together to build hair... and wide short prims look naff... unless you're VERY good at texturing them. So back I went to the sculptor and had another bash with something to get more points to the prim - resulting, hopefully in really short, spikey hair. I trialled a couple - experimented with using the new tech to make beards and ran a couple of updates... so I give you Desmond, Marshall and the Geometrics collection:

So many people have told me that while Dexter, my current MPB style is good it's too long... so using the new tech it seemed more than appropriate to build a tighter, shorter style. Marshall is basically at the limits of what these allow me to do (right now... hehe) - comprising over close to 1000 points for 252 prims as a whole head style. The Geometrics are some fun and modern short cropped beard styles that I'm supplying as a block for HF09 (Yes... I'm entering beards into hair fair) and might break up some (much as I did with the multiway goatee) once it's all blown over. I'll be adding Desmond to the shop stock; and submitting Marshall into the Hair Fair lineup also.

Watch this space for more info...


Sunday, 14 June 2009

The Big Reveal - Part 1 of 4

Oh thank goodness - the Hair Fair blackout's been lifted and I can finally start to share what it is that's kept me away from blogging and releasing stuff for the last two months.

Well... Here goes...

For Hair Fair this year I've been trying new things... UTTERLY new that hopefully you won't see anywhere else. The first thing I've been up to is to bulk out the new dreads section. While Flexi dreads are OK, we can't ignore the obvious "squareness" of the individual prims.... And what's more the numbers of prims required to make an effective short style are way too high for a single attach point... hmm... engage brain... fire up in-woirld sculptor and present... Chad, Niobe and Clint.

Chad features as one of my five at Hair Fair, the other two will be added to the dreads section on or soon before the 20th of June. Chad comprises over 600 dreads, but doesn't burst the 255 prim ceiling for a single attach point. They're mostly sculpted but with some highlight flexis to give it a little life. Clint is a 'hawk version for those who wish to partake; while Niobe is a LOT of fun... sculpted dreads pulled up into bunches with loose strands, tufts on the neck and all-round 'cute!'

More tomorrow...


Friday, 12 June 2009

Four weeks since the last release....

You know the most painful thing about doing Hair Fair? The long gap that always seems to happen with respect to releases - but let me tell you, the waiting's nearly over now. The media blackout regarding Hair Fair styles ends this weekend,. so I'll start showing you what's up for grabs come Monday... three styles at a time... ;)

'Three?' I hear you ask...

Yup... three. I've got 5 new for Hair Fair; and another 7 to launch concurently instore. I'll be adding to the range at Admicile and replacing the styles in Hairspray too.... So come Thursday you'll know what's out there; Friday I'll load the stores and add demos to XStreet... and then Saturday, Hair Fair goes Live. Look for us just to the left of the landing point of the North East section, by Deviant Kitties and Bryce.

Until Monday,


Monday, 1 June 2009

19 days and counting...


I know it doesn't look like it... but I have been working my delicate fingers to the bone here developing new stuff. It's just I can't tell you about it... or show you... and why? Because if I do you'll know what to expect of me when Hair Fair strikes on the 20th... and seeing as there's a semi-enforced media blackout till the 14th... I'm just going to have to sit on my thumbs a while longer... Gah!

Suffice to say, the last few weeks have been fruitful...

Until next time,