Saturday, 26 February 2011

Garden City Relief Effort

Earlier on this week, a strong earthquake hit the New Zealand town of Christchurch for the second time in six months. At the time of writing, 144 people have been confirmed dead and over 200 are still missing. One of the greatest things about Second Life is the speed the community comes together to help; and sure enough - a fundraiser for the New Zealand Red Cross has already been organised (by Shelly Toonie of Moonshine), bringing together a wide variety of highly talented designers from across the grid (oh... and Discord Designs) offering special products with 100% of all sales going directly to support the relief work in Christchurch.

According to the Garden City Relief Blog, confirmed stores so far include...

** KMADD (Maddox Dupont)
** Exile (Kavar Cleanslate)
** Stellar (Lexi Morgan)
** Puriangi Designs (Hibiscus Flossberg)
** MOOD (Jori Watler)
** Clutter (Kat Alderson)
** Zoe’s Garden (Adele Rhiadra)
** Tacky Star (Aura Falta)
** Kouse’s Sanctum (Kouse Singh)
** POSEUR (Melanie774 Kidd)
** [Insatiable Fashions] (AliannaMarie Gossipgirl)
** ’No Strings Attached’ (Milli Santos)
** Crackberry (jemima Clowes)
** Snowpaws (Carrie Snowpaw)
** DCNY (Anessa Stine)
** Gesticulate (Gidge Uriza & Elusyve Jewell)
** Shine (Brandy Rasmuson)
** Discord Designs (Kallisti Burns)
** [elikatira] (Elikapeka Tiramisu)
** Spyralle (Kerryth Tarantal)
** Vanitas Vesture (SarahTheRed Aurbierre)
** Absolution (Aurora Deischer)
** Evie’s Closet (Evangeline Miles)
** [Acide!] (Acide Innovia)
** Park Place Home Decor (DeAnn Dufaux)
** aDORKable Poses (Adorkable Peapod)
** Evaki Clothing Boutique (Taury Barbee)
** NSFW Brand (Stormy Wilde)
** GOS (Gospel Voom)
** * AR – Kidz * (Anjelika Rexen)
** Fab.Pony (Tatianna Faulkes)

Product details? Check out the Flickr Group for more pictures and other details... but here's the -dDx- offering. Not one style, but FOUR - recolors of some of our most recent braids - so something for guys and girls:

Eris, Teagan, Tarica and Casey - now out for the following week in the LE colors - Milk Chocolate Raven Black, Ash Blonde and Discord Red. Each pack is 180L, or there's a four-style fattie for 475L - with ALL proceeds going to the New Zealand Red Cross.

Available at Copely Square until March the 5th. Please give generously - and you really do want to see some of the other things on offer...

Until next time,


Wednesday, 23 February 2011

From chaos comes an opportunity...

Apologies to the feeds picking this one up - this is pretty heavily text based.

So I've been working by bony behind off these last couple of weeks, but have nothing new to show for it, release-wise... why? Well, I received a notecard from my landlord who has been suffering with the land slowdown in SL to the extent that he's looking at cutting losses and (potentially) abandoning land...

One such island he was - well, is - looking to clear is Synchronicity... the one I've been based on since February 2007. Initially he offered it to me, but I wouldn't know what to do with it all... and as it happened, a better offer - and certainly a cheaper offer came my way.

OK - long story short, on the 8th of March, Discord Designs closes on Synchronicity; with a new main store (by then already) live on Moonsong - directly next door to Studio Sidhe. In fact, its in the same parcel as the old Moonsong Caves where I had a satellite - so if you've got that landmark, you're already a shoe in!

New shop construction is under way, including a totally new look for -dDx- lines, the streamlining and in some cases, retinting of old -dD- ones to bring you a much more cohesive, and wholly less random shopping experience. A sneak peak? OK...

The new build includes dedicated areas for -dDx- and -dD- hairs, a beards area and another side project of mine for miscellaneous bits and bobs that's called "The Topiary Garden"... For all of you that have searched my marketplace listings with the adult filter disabled are probably smiling to yourselves about now...

*ahem*... AAAANYWAY...

More details to follow in the next couple of days...

Until next time,


Saturday, 5 February 2011

Loose words and tangents...

I'm on Plurk, as most of you will already know; and I also have the rather annoying habit of trawling the web for store mentions... So when my Google-Fu led me to a post where a certain blogger was asking whether or not to use my hair (Taylor) for some reason, I had to jump on and mention that the style is over two years old now.

I've been looking at the long braids for a while and wondering how I was going to get to rework them, with the new sculpts being SHORTER than the 2.0s they replaced... well... in true tradition, after a moment's madness and hours of work, I came up with the sixty nine (yes... you heard) sculpt maps that comprise the (bare bones of) the 3.1 Braids system. and they go together MUCH better than the 2.0s... and probably better still than the 3.0s so this works for me.

So to that end, may I introduce the SIX opening styles using the 3.1 braid sculpts... Casey, Eris, Tarica, Rosa, Teagan and Eliza:

Now live at the main store... and as you can see, not only have I reworked the braids, I've tweaked the vendor imagery a little. Softer text boxes, only a solo image (from a good angle, of course) and shadows; because... well... you can REALLY see how sculpted braids come into their own when shadows are enabled.

If you like 'em; they're all live in the main store right now. Come see for yourself.

Until next time,