Sunday, 31 August 2008

Fables of the reconstruction...

You may remember back in January I created a style called Angelus.. one that never got released despite having vendor shots taken for it and all... It never came about due to the retexture and refit; and due to the fact that I knocked it tegother so I could use an early model of the hair cloner to tint it, just in time for the switch to Havok 4 to cripple beyond repair.

Basically it's taken me this long to get around to a reconstruction... but there will be two this time out... one for each gender... Angelus - and Angela:

Not bad... a few slightly annoying alpha issues visible... but you get the idea... It's long, and clipped back on top of the head to free the face. Angelus won't be... ;)

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I guess I ought to have said...

Calesto came out Thursday...

I was going to call it Mummu, but I'm reserving that name for something specific...

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Wednesday, 27 August 2008

I'm talking 'bout Aiko... Aiko... Aiko Aiko Ishi...

Earlier on... now officially yesterday... I mentioned the dual Aiko issue... it's been rectified and BOTH are now launched. The new one got to keep the Aiko name, while the old became Ishi.

Hope you like 'em!

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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Reasons to tidy up one's inventory, #103a

Last night I was on the ol' build platform, starting work on something a little different to pad out the short ponytail / updo line within the shop... strapped together around 100 prims, felt pleased and stared at it blankly; realising that I hadn't got the first clue what to call it. I mentioned it in an IM to a friend of mine Grace, who after umming and ahhing suggested the name Aiko... thus continuing the Japanese naming convention instore. I named the proto Aiko, copy took it into my inventory, then searched for it in my objects folder so I could attach and align...

...Only to find that I had created another hairstyle, also called Aiko, some time ago and didn't release I had it. I looked at it and have decided that while it may not be up to my usual recent standard (and it's a cut and shut of other random componentry) it's still a workable do that is a bastard spawn of Haruka and Ryoko. I'll throw it up and probably throw it out as a freebie group gift... :)

What's more, I've also got hold of a longer version of Travis (not longer prims, just more of them that flow further down the back of the neck), and will add it to the range as another 60L do in the next few days; and maybe tack a double together...

So... three new styles out by Friday? Could well be...

Photos to follow, once I've snapped and composited them.

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Monday, 25 August 2008

Blasts from the past...

To hell with innovation.. I've had it up to here with it! Well... no... but what I have had oif late are numerous requests for styles I culled from back in the day when the shop was a boardwalk and my hair textures were... how can I say this politely... overly saturated...

No single hairstyle has been requested more than Aya... and no matter how many times I attempt to remake it (Helena and miko to name two), it never seems to work like the original... but the original was not without it's faults... the flexi was ridiculous and there were tracts of baldness if you knew where to look. So I've updated it slightly and recloned it... Also I'm selling it in the new textures for a mere 60L a double.

Second on the list of requests was, believe it or not, Mu... so again I've modernised it and created a new tail that twitches and retails for a mere 30L. A longer version, probably to be called Mummu, will be out in due course...

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Friday, 22 August 2008

Hair Fair is GO...

Come on over...!

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Hair fair opens in a little under four hours...

Onrez is back up... after we managed to kill it yesterday with too much traffic... even so my demos are up and on sale for free... Over 30 people have taken advantage so far, which is pretty cool... even with the speed issues overnight.

I atteneded the designers' pyjama party (which for me started at a somewhat dubious 3am...) and managed to cobble together around 3 hours' sleep... so if I don't check my spelling that's... um... what am I talking about... I NEVER check my spelling... Still; it was a long wait up so I got to work, and on the back of a request, I created a little something... another mustache that's not huge for once... This is Ed:

Not a lot of him, I freely admit... but it's a nice 'tache nonetheless... and yours for 30L.

I'll post the Hair Fair URL here as soon as the sims are open... ;)

Thursday, 21 August 2008

you know what... It's thursday

The day that us hair people are scheduled to release full details of our hair fair styles... So here we go... Demos go live on Onrez when SLT hits Thursday... but I'm not ON SLT... So here we go...

You've seen this one before... Thanks for the hat Josey!

I started this one two months ago it transpires... it'll have to do... ;)

Something of a departure for me... an updo that's not got piggies... :D

The most prim heavy hair that I've made... and you can tell... or not... ;)

Y'see? It's an improvement!

Note that two styles donate 75% of thier sales revenue to Locks of Love; the Hair fair charity of choice; so please dig deep. These styles go live in the purple zone Friday and remain live till the 7th of September... Look for the bulldozer...

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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Let it be known...

And may it be lauded from the rooftops, Discord Designs is set for Hair Fair...

Stall now populated and fully loaded... so here we are people... not long to go now!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

OK... the final five...

Ladies and gentlemen, the big news is that I have FINALLY finished my hair fair styles insofar as I'm as good as set to tint up and install the final two; with just 38 hours before the deadline. and I can reveal that the -dD- hairs for hair fair this year are..

Jordan - long treebraids with all that floatiness I love so much down to about waist length

Lorna - Ponytail with the ever so popular hat that everyone seems to be doing

Alba - Classical Greek inspired updo with a braid detail

Roni - men's cornrows, but unisex really... comes in two flavours - with and without roots, in case your skin has a hair layer underneath


George - Yes you heard. Massively updated, the short slightly lifted men's style finally returns just in time for hair fair. And believe you me when I say it's the best men's do I've made to date - if you like that kinda thing!

Jordan and George are both being set up to donate 75% of their take to the Hair Fair charity, Locks of Love; so please do drop by and have a good look when the event opens on Friday. Demos will be made available Thursday through OnRez, as will pictures of the styles in the blog here.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

You ain't seen me... roight?!

Hi... just checking in from beyond the grave... uh... RL, just to say that yes, I am on a period of absense set to last for five days or therearound. Updates to product lines are running slow at the moment, combined with the hoopage Hair Fair requires of me, I'm working flat out (when actually working and not on the skive that is) resolving those kinda things.

Well actually, no... I'm not...

I've come up with another 18 eye colors in the "Mena" line that I intend to launch fairly soon as part of the re-establishment of the eye hut. It'll be relocated to a sensible location on the new lot (up next to the beards, I suspect... but we'll see...) so, just to make it interesting, I offer you this incentive. In-store I have a subscribeomatic. If you fancy 9 sets of eyes free before the end of the month, touch it for in-world updates... ;)

Until next time,


Sunday, 3 August 2008

Silent running

Caught up prepping for Hair Fair... but can announce I've completed the fourth style, and two bandanas to be sold exclusively on September 7th... Look out for them - as I'll be keeping all details relating to them quiet until release date.

Work will continue on Hair Fair stuff at the detriment of anything else until it's all done, dusted and ready to go... but let's just say; it'll be worth the wait.

Until next time,