Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The question is...

Seeing as I'm making them in 2008, but launching them in 2009; which is the correct copyright date...?


Two finalised now... Jocasta has been flex readjusted, and Kazuo has been renamed Nox, and retexured.

Either way... further details in the vendor pics, now taken:

And yes, I know I told myself that I wouldn't use custom skins on vendor photos, but Nox suits my "pale as death and stripy" skin from Ayiki Takakura... *blush*

Until next time,


P.S. Yes, this will be my last post for 2008, so a little retrospection...


Quite a year... never thought that by the end of this year when it hit I would have reengineered my entire range, flirted with sculpties, been making braids left right and centre, and have one of the largest ranges of prim facial hair in Second Life... But meh! Not going to complain!

Monday, 29 December 2008

Another one for early next year...


Yes, it's a dreaded Siren variant, utilising the new Ahab textures. Simple, straightforward, fun!

Coming January 2009

Until next time,


Saturday, 27 December 2008

Turning a new Paige (sic)

Just a preview shot of the new Paige bob... in black, typically so a lot of the details are a little unclear...

Never mind.... Once I've got it finalised and tinted, I'll rig up a few more in a mid brown as always...

Until next time,


It's funny how things come together...

...and often not in ways you expect.

I started work on a new braided style for guys, slightly longer than Kaiba, that drops in front of one eye and is flicked over the other. I planned to call it Kazuo.

But, unwritten SL rule #304a kicked in. This is not a guy's style, now it's all pieced together and all is said and done it's defintely unisex.

Oh dear...

One other thing as well, I better come up with a slightly less manly name for it too... :S

This puts me in a rather unfortunate position, insofar that I've got quite some way with Paige, and a photo is likely to be up soon, once it's tinted. It is defintely a girly one (and targetted at a good friend of mine, if she only knew it)

I've promised two freebies to the update group in the new year, and they were supposed to be Paige and Kazuo... but neither are sufficiently manly enough to make it entirely fair; which means I now need to think of something else. I was planning a couple of proper, accessoried dreaded styles in the next few weeks based on the work that went into Ahab (sans hat, this time) so I might bring one or two of these forward and create something, that while long is more masculine.

Who knows... could even put it to the public vote... We'll see how it goes.

Until next time,


Friday, 26 December 2008

Just a note to say...

Hoping you all are having a happy holiday season...

On a personal note I'm taking things a little easy right now and am getting reaquainted with Guitar Hero 3; but I should expect to be back in the saddle, working on a new open women's and braided men's do for release in the new year at some point before month's end.

Until next time,


Tuesday, 23 December 2008

It's full of piratey goodness...

Was asked whether I would consider making a dreaded pirate style... well... I have.

It meant making 73 new textures, but that's all part of the territory; or you would have thought. It was, typically the first time I've made new textures since the store refit... but it went OK, and the result isn't awful! ;)

Oh... and in other news, I've decided to give away my next two styles to update group members, so you might want to consider joining. The first style, tentatively entitled "Paige" is nearing completion, and is a cute choppy feathered bob with a braided detail. The second, a men's do, will be tackled as and when I get teh first done.

Pics of both to follow.

Thirdly, I've expanded the Burns store from 4 to 10 beard styles. Worth a nose if you've not been quite yet!

Until next time,


Thursday, 18 December 2008

Jeebus Crikey...

Store now refocussed... Still have to add a few signs and book a DJ, but otherwise I'm there...

If you're familiar with the old place, I'd appreciate it if you could run around for a bit and let me know what you think of the new layout...

Until next time,


Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Mainstore reshuffle commences

Just so you know, I'm playing with the layout over the next few days with the main store in an attempt to drop prims, space things out, decrease lag and free up the visuals so it no longer looks like a junkyard. I'll keep track of all the changes in this little bit here...

So far:

- Teleporters added and identified to all major locations: braids, beards, eyes, main entrance, discount area and coffee shop

- Braided styles replicated in new braids location - parcelled up to itself and advertised as such. Braids to be *removed* from main floor (the north building) as and when I've created signage

- Akira / Kaneda double pack scrapped. Nobody has bought a double since launch... so that's 46 prims I no longer need to house. Sorry guys

- Following styles removed from "full range" and sent to the Discount Hair area, selling only as tone and complete packs for 3 and 9 lindens respectively: Crista, Teri, Londo and Spike. Others to follow as demand for each style wains, and as I make new ones...

- Alice Hoyer has updated the dancefloor ball and finished off the concreting of the shop design... Thanks babe...

- Akira, Kaneda, Layla, Beth, Mai and Lorna relocated to improve the layout a little

Still to come

- SIGNAGE... I promise I'll sort this in due course

- reshuffling to regroup hair into ponytails, long loose styles, piggies, short female and short male styles. This will take a while, but it'll happen.

- Renovation party!

Until next time,


Sunday, 14 December 2008

Capitulation - and words of a release...

Ok, I did it... Nick is now live...

But I stand my ground, it's NOT overpriced yuletide merch. I'm selling Nick for ONE LINDEN a double for the next couple of weeks, then setting it up at the usual full beard rate of 60L instead.

Now I know some of you would tell me that it's a little ... well... neat and tidy, or even too short for a Santa beard... but it's all about culture how 'Santa Claus' is perceived. Hell, where I'm from, he was traditionally a redhead dressed in forest green before the Coca Cola company struck with the red and white fat guy.

Anyway... enough about pop-cultural history. Back to your lives citizens...

Until next time,


Bah humbug...

SL is full of the obligatory Holiday merch... everything in red and white... the same old Santa hats and the rest...

Well... I am not going to launch any overpriced yuletide merchandise... oh no... not me... and yes, I know I make beards and a lot of people have asked for a Santa one.

No... Tough!

I swear... I'm not doing it! Nuh-huh... no way... no how! No really.. you can't make me! Don't look at me that way!

...But I am putting together a thicker, bushier beard, that I'm calling Nick, due for launch as soon as I get the demos organised.

I know what you're thinking, but it's entirely coincidental that the model is in red and white, and the beard shown is one of the whites, OK?

Until next time,


Saturday, 13 December 2008

Back in the saddle...

Yes... another RL intervention has had me tied up for a few weeks, but right now, I'm back for a while at least, and can present a new release for your delectation.

Now for those of you who've seen me in-world (as my white-haired form) you'll know that I'm as good as the poster girl for Elixir fashions, owned, organised and managed by Khorus Magne... well... a few days ago I got a note from her asking me whether I would rework my Jordan style into something a little more... um... elaborate...

I asked was it a request or a commission... she said request (which of course, works out cheaper!) and in a few hours, I cranked out the new version, Sylva.

So there you are... out now, in the new braids section. Strangely enough, after showing it to a certain blogger, she directed me to a webpage where people on Flickr had been adding styles they were on the lookout for in SL... and one of them wasn't too far removed... so a third version may be in the offing.

Watch this space!

Until next time,


Monday, 8 December 2008

New competition details!

Yes, releases are thin on the ground, but that doesn't mean everything is on hold...

Announcing the "Face of Discord" competition - $L10,800 of prizes are up for grabs. Just acquire some Discord Designs hair (or beard, or both); take a snapshot of yourself wearing it and embed it in a notecard with your name, and details about what you're wearing.

Send me the note, and the three most original pics (as determined by the judging panel - That is me and Alice Hoyer) win L$3600 of Discord Designs goodies each.

So... what are you waiting for?

Entries in by 4pm SLT on Friday 12th of December please...

Until next time,


Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Sweet little victory...

I've been informed by the Linden Labs removal team that the copybotted merchandise I 'DMCA'ed last week has been removed.

Thanks guys...

Until next time,