Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Made with someone in mind...

OK... I've thrown together another style - it came to me pretty much out of the blue; and it also occurred to me that it might appeal to a certain someone who's been a friend since Hair Fair 2008... the same person who helped me with my first copybotting issue... and the person who introduced me to Plurk: Shelly Toonie of Moonshine.

Woman... you are evil... but in a good way - :P

Why this style? Well... Of the ones I've made in the past, she's made the most use of Paige - a style from January 2009 which comprises a loose back with a tied up section on the crown. I always intended to remake Paige because - well - I think I can do better now. So with that in mind - this is Shelly.

The top shown is one of Moonshine's Dulcet ones, just out of interest... ;)

Colorchange hair accessories (scripted if you feel like it) and fully moddable; it's live now in Synchronicity. Four-packs are 180L each.... 12 packs are 360L and include a bonus color each: Milk Chocolate in the Darks, Ash Blonde in the lights and Raven Black in the unnaturals. The fatpack is 720L; and features a total of forty color combinations - the same as above, plus Discord Red.

So now you know! Come and have a go!

Until next time,