Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Lax or sorely lacking...?

OK - I suck and have left this WAY too long. Yes I have been working, and updates have been coming, but I've not blogged them because I either simply couldn't log into Blogger or I was otherwise predisposed.

Anyway, I'm posting now as there's a new one out today - Celene

This one features a mix of sculpted and flexi braids for what I believe is the first time. If it sells I'll look at developing more along these lines - so do come by and give it a try. It's on the practically-ubiquitous Turtle base again... but recent releases haven't been.

So these half dozen are on the new Skunk hairbase - allowing for some fun with straight cornrows - we've got Freija, a Jordan replacement and featuring a long loose drop and a bandana (colour-change, of course), Stampede - a mohawk with braids up the sides, Briannon - a Paige replacement with a little flick, Devon - a set of cornrows with tails (to replace Deshaun), Anansi, a set of rows without the tails (as a Sol replacement) and Mackenzie - like Shelly but braided instead of just tied.

And if that wasn't enough, finally there's Karina - initially built for the Little Big Shop event, that's now for sale in the main store and is a loose floaty ponytail.

...and by popular demand, a prim version of the turtle hairbase for those who want to use the tatt layer for something else:

OK... so that's you guys up to speed on the last seven weeks of releases. I *promise* it won't be so long next time, because if it is, I'll be announcing my Hair Fair releases on the last day of the show... don't want that now, do we...?


Until next time,