Tuesday, 30 October 2007

developments of late...

Hey all!

RL issues after RL issues... well... Illness followed by much needed holiday... so that explains the lack of -dD- releases of late... There was one... Aki, another female hair, that for some reason I totally forgot to mention here!

It's similar to Aya in it's movement, but shorter and cuter for those who want... I like it... but if I'm being brutally honest, it should have feathered ends... but when I put them on SL ate the hair... it looked HORRIBLE... hence the blunt tips... it works from a distance though... ;)

OK... I was ill!

Still the forthcoming month's likely to be quiet too, due to additional work and all manner of other stuff going on in my life... but fear not... work will continue. Plans are afoot for a new hair release... and a limited edition charity eye box - 16 colors for 100 lindens... ALL proceeds going to charities selected at monthly intervals either by me, or my suggestions made from you guys. The November charity of choice for the eye box is nanowrimo.org (as it's taking place in November, and collects money to help literacy projects around the globe... so it seems worthy to me!) Further details of the charity eye box when it launches... SOON!

Hair wise has seen a request for the most outlandishly flexy ponytail in the history of SL's outlandishly flexy ponytails... so Nariko will hit the shelves soon... and when it does, prepare to be dazzled. Modelled here by Martha... in other words, me...

Don't worry guys... you've not been forgotten... I've made a start on aanother gent's style that lifts the bar slightly... utilising the technology I've mastered with the last three female releases to make a short but nicely flexi men's do that I've entitled James... Just got the basic head covering done so far, so not a lot to show... but it'll be there soon!

Nil desperandum!

Until next time,


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