Wednesday, 6 January 2010

This blog post has nothing to do with a certain movie...

Just covering my butt from a legal standpoint... this isn't about new releases... it's about the repackaging of some styles that have been in-world for 15 months in some cases. It has just come to my attention that in the wake of a certain, unnamed movie, there has suddenly become a large fanbase of avatars, all of whom are dressing the part, RPing and so forth... what's more, they have descended en masse to -dD- in search of braided hair. Now this, from my perspective, is very cool indeed; and actually giving me the well needed boot up the fazzoo to get on and build some more braids.

In the mean time, I have been watching the transaction history; and have noticed that a lot of these folks are not just buying one style from me... they're often buying several... so; to make life easy for them, I've boxed up two packs of four styles and am selliong them (in black only, admittedly) as a four for three bundle.


So there you have it... Box the first contains Sylva, Kaiba, Taylor and Laetitia... while Box 2 has Jocasta, Rush, Jordan (in both variants) and Nox.

Have at it, you tall blue people... or anyone else who has the need for several braided styles. There for the taking in Synchronicity, and also in Arborea

Until next time,


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