Monday, 29 March 2010

This all started a few weeks ago...

As you may or may not know, Savoir Hair recently moved... so I was in there setting up a couple of freebs when I ran into Treebee Withnail. She has this store called The U-Neek and makes items unlike anyone else in SL, including hair. She announces to me that she's organisaing a hair hunt and would I like in?

Needless to say I thought about it, and eventually, 48 hours later I said OK.... and I got to work.

Now, this is for "The Crazy Arse Hair Hunt"... and the conditions were that we as designers... all forty of us... were banned from making regular hair in regular colors... So I decided to bypass my normal hair textures, and even the sculpts and go for something whacky. I've created the hunt gift, but I've added a few colorways and launched them just a little early. Introducing the Nethead 5e:

As you can see, it's a mass of cables, rather than hair... ended with either blunt cut wires, or RJ45 ends... It's been fun to build,. if a little daunting.

Out now... and right next to the entrance... and the Wild Released hair boards. Just so you know, if you've not grabbed a HUD and picked up Katherine yet, the style goes away FOR GOOD on the 19th of April... You've got 3 weeks... NOW GO! ;)

Until next time,


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