Friday, 1 July 2011

It's here... Hair Fair 2011

Yes - it's that time of year once more. So without further ado - the reveal:

Lola - based loosely on Lulu from Final Fantasy X - A set of flexible braids on our new Urchin hairbase

Charlie - a ponytail with braided sides and floppy front - a softer variant on Stampede. Intended to be male, but works well on the girls - to the point that its the one I've been wearing for weeks :$

The original Urchin style that gave rise to the rest - Lotta is a short-ish, braided pony in the style of our old Laetitia do. This one, like the others, incorporates a few flexi braids for added life

Lilith - longer and fuller than Lotta - with the falls on the chest attach so that they don't spend their lives clipping through your shoulders. Really happy with this one, although a little disappointed that the animation of the pec attach points doesn't seem to allow hair to be mounted to it and still move with the body reliably... oh well... I'll keep trying... (sorry Jeela!)

In the words of Monty Python - And now for something completely different. Yes - this is inspired by Michelle Laine's headdress from the Katy Perry ET video. Somebody had to, and since it's braided, who better than me? Skin and face gems available from Nuuna's. She put it together especially for me - Thanks girl - you rock! :))

Discord Designs can be found on the Osmium sim (Hair Fair 4). Best way to find us, land anywhere and head South West. We're the last booth you hit before landing up in the water...

Doors open to the public on the 2nd of July, and demos going out to the -dDx- subscribeo and Hair Fair Demo group later today.

See you at Hair Fair!


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