Thursday, 6 October 2011

Put a hat on it and call it a thing

So I distracted myself last week with thoughts of trying something non-hair related... and what happened? I made a hat... apparently the apple doesn't fall far from this here tree:

This is the Bakerboy - now live instore and priced the same as a regular hair fourpack... a little steep for a hat on its own, you might say, but I got carried away. It was, after all, supposed to be an exercise in texturing, so I made a few variations... all selectable by touching the hat and clicking the relevant button:

I like it... a lot... and am yet to take it off... :)

Well - not true. I took it off long enough to shoot some vendor ads today for two new Savoir Hair freebies - Aura and Julius:

Both are out now in the four limited "Miscellany colors" - Discord Red, Raven Black, Ash Blonde and Milk Chocolate. Aura you've seen before, but Julius marks something different - new twist sculpts, and a new hairbase - the pineapple - that's set to make something of an appearance towards the end of the month - watch this space!

Until next time,


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