Thursday, 13 March 2008

Sometimes you wonder why you try so hard...

I made a discovery this morning...

The Ryoko tinting has created four copies of equally sized hairs, despite being labelled differently... this means I must have created them NOT resized them, cloned them and loaded the vendors yesterday with them all the same.

Now I have to wonder how often I've done this before now... so I have no choice but to check each and every tint again...

I don't know whether to cry or laugh hysterically right now... I'm suspecting it''s just going to be safer to go back and start again with the clone and load.

Either way... news is not all bad. Talks with a friendly skin designer have got me a retone on my current favourite skin (which she implied she may be relaunching at a later date... just so you know...) which I'll be using to advertise a very specific range of products... Furthermore, Jeela Juran of Boingo (see the blogroll) has agreed to make the shirt I need to complete the look; which just leaves me to sort the hair.

And what is this you may ask?

Well to come clean, I've been spending a lot of my time playing Guitar Hero 3, and have fallen quite hard for the look of Judy Nails - one of the characters... and her hair is right up my alley; so I thought I'd make a start at bringing it in-world...along with the hair designs for the rest of them... Johnny Napalm is already more or less in the bag with the reworking of DDL and the new TW1, and the rest will doubtlessly follow in time.

Yes... Next big project once the shop is refitted... Guitar Hero hair!

Well... until next time,


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