Sunday, 20 April 2008

All manner of stuff to report...

Wyatt... new moustache now live at 30L a shot...

SLExchange now boats 45 -dD- products...

And I'm looking at finalising an automatically resizing hair for immediate release. The hair is Helena - which initially began life as an Aya replacement but suffered from alpha issues, that I've decided are now as good as irresolvable... but strangely, they don't seem to show anywhere near as much as I expected them to... so I'm going live.

Style modelled by Shinobu again... I'm getting sick of seeing myself on every vendor board.

If this works, goodbye to the massive tinting and cloning runs... hair in numerous sizes and all that confusion. One size fits all and automaically adjustable would be beneficial for everyone; I'm sure.

It's already offered by neumerous hair deisngers, and I think it really will become the de facto way of doing things... so I'm getting on board early.

Demos to go live shortly... so watch this space.

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