Thursday, 8 May 2008

Alicia and Felicia live for four days now...


Currently somewhat unenamoured with Second Life after a few events of late, on a personal nature, that have left me a little deflated. Initially I came to SL to meet people, then to make things... and so on and so forth... but it seems that it's all becoming about agendas, popularity contests and more which, dear reader, I couldn't under normal circumstances, give two flying shits about. In all honesty, if that was my intent, I'd be on "There" instead. Now don't get me wrong... I do have an account there too; but it's seen 90 minutes of use.


Long and the short of it, Sales are stagnant... the new shop release is perilously close, but my personal daemon's kicking in saying how the new stuff... well... the older new stuff, isn't up to it... blah blah blah blah blah. That and I've gone back to RL work, leaving me with less time to concentrate on things.


Well I guess the simplest thing to do is take a little while away to get my head in gear and come back guns blazing, release Keiko, Matsuko, Axe, Aya and Crista... work on a few more styles that I need (Jude, George, Sam, Oscar and Siren), then, and only then, call for a big release, getting the new shop off; or more strictly on the ground.

Either way... from a shop standpoint, Series 3 eyes are currently a linden a pair until Sunday. Enjoy.

Until next time,


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