Monday, 12 May 2008

Alright... OK... I said I wouldn't, but...

I have succombed, and talken on a franchise.. offered by someone who was both very flattering and very persuasive...

But there's more to it than that. I've wondered about how the hell someone who offers 72 colors could hope to create a vendor setup that could be installed in a regular mall. Well... the offer wasn't for a regular mall, and seeing as the two people who twisted my arm between them have already spent enough in-store to cover the first week's rent, I thought what the hell. I have ideas, and it's going to look a little weird. Chaos in situ; is my thinking, but I can lock and load it using existing vendors up to around 150 prims (10 per style... so just the most common sales colors) with the initial investment of around an hour of my time.

That's the plan... I'll see how it goes, but it will not distract me from my plans for getting the shop out there on the current site.

Mall-leeches... please note that this does NOT mean I am in the market for mall space... heck no... far from it. I've taken this on as the cost is very reasonable... the prim limit is large(r tham most malls can accommodate) and isn't a mall... more a collection of satellite stores for handpicked designers (including one of my friends... which is nice to have a store side by side)

Well... further details when there's more in there than a cube that says "rented by..."

Until next time,


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