Thursday, 10 July 2008

Staying tuned for further developments...

Thanks for waiting...

The last week has seen me away, then ill in rapid succession... but either way... back and working again... primarily on the Hair Fair materials, which i'm doing in part in partnership with the lovely Josey Trautman of Freelife Magazine (see the blog roll) who is also the proud owner of a business that makes sculpted hats... and rather nice ones they are too. I would print the name, but I wish to keep the blog PG as far as I can... ;)

Either way... in addition to the cornrow to treebraid style I mentioned a little while ago, I'm putting together a complete cornrow cover - yes... it's practically all sculptie and HUGELY server taxing, but what the hell? You only live once and all that. Pic:

Don't be fooled, the hair in the back is NOT my creation but part of the skin I'm wearing, thanks be to the artistry of Namssor Daquerre over at Second Skin Labs. While the skins are superb, and the details are truly inspired... all I'm gonna say is that you get what you pay for... this one was 3700L; but I love it. So that's OK... and I'll keep justifying it to myself until I'm blue in the face. The braids sit on top... and it's goning to be close to 200 prims... so something of a server killer. I'm reserving judgement on whether I launch thins at Hair Fair or save it for something else. either way...

On a second note, I've decided that I'm short Men's hairdos again... so I intend to launch another, named "Anthony" and rather similar, but muchly improved on the original Spike in the next few days. I'm around 3/4s of the way through the build... and it won't be long now, I swear.

Photos to follow as and when I've got enough of a head made to snap a good photo of.

And one final note... the sale as I mentioned, set to finish on the 4th has been extended until the 11th, due to me not actually being around to dismantle the sales items... So you still have time to take advantage of the 83% discounts on selected colors instore.

Again, updates in the making!

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