Wednesday, 24 September 2008

It may seem like all is quiet...

Well here's the thing... release wise it is... I've not progressed ANYTHING recently except a set of whiskers that I need to tint and clone... The beard remains in the same state to how it was the last time I posted.. and the reason?


Blame the five people who mailed me and said "Any chance of making Jordan but with braids all the way down?" You know who you are...

Previously, the answer would have been a resounding no. Kaiba is 244 prims which in turn is close to the 255 theoretical limit for a single attach point. Layla is 216, even... as you can see, sculpted braids are a bitch in terms of prim demands. Worst of all is Roni, clocking in at 253... because the braids are smaller, and even though each sculpt marks six loops... it's painful... and the detail is waning.

So how the frick can you make sculpteds with more detail?

You can... I've found out the answer and thanks be to SLOFT, I've reconstructed them vertex by vertex in-world. so now my braids are as smooth as those on Jordan, but 12 loops per prim, rather than 4... or 6 as in Roni. I also have made them with three levels of rotation, a straight and an inverse corner for greater flexibility.

...and no... I'm not saying how.

Watch this space...


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