Tuesday, 11 November 2008


...and I was going for a launch tonight, but have noticed a subtle texturing issue so I've got another tint and clone run to do... but hey... Here's Odin.

All you Vikings don't have long to wait now!

As you can see I've shown it with a beard, as I think it looks better... but there's the great debate about which beard looks bbest... That and I plan to make a couple more next week that ought to work well with...

So I settled on Robert, and haven't done the decent thing of fatpacking... yet...

All feedback appreciated.

Until next time,



sjs said...

I noticed the word fatpacking in your post and wondered if there's a fatpacking in second life. (I'm not part of it).

However, I do run a small business called fatpacking, so that's why I was interested.


Anonymous said...

Fatpacking (v. trans) - The act of assembling fatpacks (otherwise known as bulk boxes) of multiple items together at a discounted rate for simpler and more tempting purchase.

Got to love in-world jargon... and I hope that helps ;)