Tuesday, 25 November 2008

You know you've made it in SL when...

...somebody rips you off.

I woke up this morning, settled down with my coffee, opened my inbox and...

[17:52] Teagan Blackthorne: I am sending you a landmark of a store with stolen hair. I am not so good with male hair but I know you have braids and they have braids here. I know all styles here are stolen.
[17:56] Teagan Blackthorne: Looking again, I am pretty sure this one is Roni

Thanks Teagan... good call. It was Roni. Hope you don't mind me publishing what you said; but I figure it's fair.

NOTHING in the store was a genuine item. Everything was ripped from another source; and in the case of Roni, it was initially the Grey from Monochrome box 2 that they were able to nick; so the copybotted style has had to be tinted black to get the effect they want, and as a result, it looks 'king awful. they've made no attempt to even retex it; my trademarked three field highlights clearly visible in the object texture window on each prim.

Naturally I doublechecked everything... They've evidently used an object cloner as all parts are now called "object" and come up with the thief's credentials as creator. I even recognise my sculpts...

Well what can I say... The gallows humour kicked in initially and I was even rather pleased to have been the victim of this theft; but as it sinks in, I'm just saddened. Not sad for me, as to be honest, it was a single hair... even if it was one that took me three weeks to put together... and I still have the monopoly on the other 71 shades... but sad that there are people out there who think this is acceptable behaviour. and are willing to piss on the efforts of genuine talented people to grasp at a few lindens. It's truly pethetic.

DMCA reports are being filed.

Until next time, when I hope to share some happier news,


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