Monday, 9 February 2009

Running silent...

The last week has been quiet for a number of reasons, in fact between a week last friday, and this morning, I didn't so much as shift a single prim... why?

I was involved in reworking a few vendors for a boutique place with VERY high levels of exposure... but then certain things happened, I talked to a number of people, searched my soul about it... actually lost sleep, and finally made the decision that I wasn't happy, so I rescinded. I've used the materials to add a few things to XStreetSL here...

Basically it's taken me an age and a half to get that far... It's been both demoralising and highly frustrating; especially as it's gotten in the way of anything actually practical; but I'm sure you'll agree they look pretty good.

I'm wondering whether this will be the start of the annual upgrade, but we'll see.

Right now, I'm embroiled in working on a set of sculpted braids to donate to a charity effort; raising money for the Australian Red Cross. More details to follow; along with words of a collaborative effort with Faery Sola over at Studio Sidhe...

Until next time,


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