Saturday, 31 January 2009

I am sheep, hear me meme...

...and better late than never.. this was supposed to be yesterday... but...

Achariya Maktoum came up with the whole concept of the "same damn thing" blog meme. PLENTY of others have already succumbed and now so do I...

The idea...
So many poeple seem to blog the same items... but can we all make them our own by adding accessories, personal touches and alike to one selected item?

So far I have to say yes, but here I am throwing my own hat into the ring. The item in question is a Cambridge Cuffed shirt from Armidi

Kallisti wears:
Shirt - Cambridge Cuffed Shirt - Armidi
Underpants - Camo latex hipsters (Black) - Elixir
Undershirt and pants - G04 leather harness - Graves
Boots - NAU Combat Boots - The Abyss
Jacket (carried) - 'Busta' Riders' jacket - Cipher
Skin - Lyra Sublime custom - Second Skin Labs
Eyes - Starstruck Alicia - Discord Designs
Hair - Kaiba (Penny) - Discord Designs
Pose - Runway V2 #13 - Reel Expressions

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