Sunday, 19 April 2009

Sir! News from the underground...

Hair Fair... yes... plans are under way here, as you can probably expect with me being fixated and a little OCD. What's this going to mean for you?

In short, a protracted delay when it comes to new releases because although I only have to present 5 styles at the event itself, I'm holding out to drop companion styles at the main store at the same time... meaning that there's going to be a raft of new stuff at the Hair Fair sim, and an equally large raft of it at the main store. It'll all be coming out on the same day because... well... what I'm doing this year is doubtlessly going to raise requests for similar styles. The first prototype is already in the bag, and I'm half mad with a twitchy desire to flash it... but I can't. The surprise'll be lost otherwise.

The requests happened early with the braids last year, and it took me a fair while to get organised; which I'm sure caused me to lose a little momentum and several sales after Hair Fair. So this year I want to be set... and what I will say is this - If you've every bought something from my store, there's going to be something there for you this time out.

Sorry, but I have to be a little vague here for now, but look out on the 15th of June for the first reveal; followed by one a day until the 19th. The doors of Hair Fair open on the 20th and the new stuff will be in the store at the same time.

The logistics are making me wince, especially with the work involved... but I'll get there.

Until next time,


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