Wednesday, 8 December 2010

New dollarbies... and day 2 draw results

OK... big exciting title... what are they?

As you can probably imagine, my hairmaking is a little experimental from time to time. I try a lot of things... some I'm happy with... some I'm not. I tend to big u-p the ones I'm happy with, gloss over the ones I'm not and generally only blog when I've got something I'm pleased with to go.

This leads me onto the two styles I have here. Unnamed... unloved? we don't know for sure.

The ESB01 - "experimental sculpted braid #1" - was the precursor to some of the "Turtle base" braids that followed... Omri, Lux, Brandon... those sort of styles... in fact I did actually picture this one earlier in this blog; but I decided not to launch it as it didn't seem thick enough, and the joins to the head seemed rather arbitrary.

Looking back at it, though... it's not too bad... Just not my best work - so I'm not going to offer it in all 36 colors; but I do have it complete in Cool Brown... so in Cool Brown it goes live.

The EFB01 - "Experimental flexi braid #1" is a recent attempt to see how braids would work as textures... not sculpts. Yes - I know this flies against all that I've stood for over the last two years or however long it is I've been making braids, but they're quick to get out, and right now, I need styles in store and to rebuild a returning client base once again. Don't get me wrong... it works... but as Alice and I both said on seeing it, it looks as though I've fallen out of 2007. It's wearable... Just not necessarily how *I* see a braid looking. Again... it's live... and this time in Auburn - the color I initially built it in.

Competition news: Today's winner of the hair is Therwakee Tomasso; and the beards go to Chaz Wickentower.

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