Sunday, 12 December 2010

Results from the tenth... and another dollarbie

I should have said earlier - mea culpa... but recently I've been tied up with an RL side project that has a deadline of today. Anyway. The prizewinners forthe 9th were as follows:

Arely Latzo was the lucky winner of the hair, and Oberyn Firethorn nabbed the beards...and has already blogged them... ;)

On another note, I've gone live with a natural white version of the EFB01 hair as I've added a few pics of me in it to my Flickr account and it's generated some interest.

It's available exclusively on the SL marketplace, and so far seems to be going down quite well.

So there you have it... 4x4 has been.. Alice and I are both a year older, inworld and we're still stunned that it's been this long...

Until next time,



Emilly Orr said...

I want to know how close we came with the offer! (Both on the Natural White and on the Auburn.)

I've actually been pimping it on blog, in various chats, and on my Gmail status of all things. So--even if we didn't reach the thousand, I still want to know how many you got, after everything's added up. (Or, put another way--how many past 637 did you get?)

Anonymous said...

Finally? 957 at close of play on the 18th...

That said, a friend of mine arrived online at ten past midnight and added to the numbers by another dozen (the woman has a LOT of alts, apparently)... and over the rest of the day sales have been steady... actually higher than Friday.

Style 1000 went at around 11.30am SLT So I took that as a cue to go live with the remaining 34 colors... The subscribeo is working its magic right now...