Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Working from the ground up...

So... developments are ongoing, relating to the shop and the contents thereof..

The shop itself has been in situ for a wee while now, constructed in no time flat by the supremely talented Xed Goheen. It's located on the western side of Synchronicity Island; occupying a 4048m plot:

The store comprises a Teleport entry area (cunningly hidden by the tree in the lower left corner of the photo) and four large covered areas, each 20m square, connected by ramps. The fifth area with the sloping dark roof on the left of the pic is where I'm going to be sticking the jewelry I'm looking to market. I'll have hairstyles located on the two far-side plates, with the nearer ones being used, in time, for other items for sale. Once I'm up and running, I'd like to have a bash at shoes and other accessories which will go in these areas; along with work by my partners in crime on this venture... which for the moment include peircings and prefab houses(!) OK... a bit of a weird mix, but who said you had to stick to one thing? And besides, neither of them have their own shopspace and they're both very talented builders - but you'll soon see for yourself!

Some space may be set aside for tattoos, clothes and even scripts, depending on whether certain people get back to me requesting space. But either way, details will be supplied here as and when anything is newsworthy.

Regarding content; I'm still beating myself up by constantly going back to completed styles and tweaking things I'm not happy about... as a result I've retinted one hairstyle - Kitsune - no fewer than three times already; and when 32 colours are involved, that's no mean feat. I've also decided, after a run-in yesterday, that It's likely to be prudent to supply two sizes of each style, as, being a tiny person, my head is on the small side. This results in a little work required to fit a small hair to a larger head, which seems beyond the capability of some residents. As such, to make it easier for all and to cater for those who'd just like to click to wear a new style, I've decided to launch Female hairstyles in sizes 50 and 65 (based on the first head slider) and Male styles in sizes 65 and 80. Hopefully this will cover enough bases to ensure that at least something fits.

Well watch this space... more details, including first views of launched products coming soon...

Until next time...


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