Sunday, 29 April 2007

The inital hair selection... subject to change of course!

I've been giving a lot of thought to the opening lines that I'll be presenting when the shop goes live... and have made significant headway so far in getting ready. There's still a lot of work to do, but sooner or later I'll be there and set to present... So for those who are interested, the initial line of styles is listed below. Photos will, of course, follow... as well as the announcement as to when the vendors are live... won't be long now!

Anime inspired short (<20cm long) spiky hair - initially targeted at the female market but could easily work for both. Available in the full 32 colours, like all the rest, of course! 163 static prims and retailing at a tentative L$75 per colourway.

Long, curly and actually pretty wild. Heavy on the custom textures this one for flexi spiral curls to make your eyes water. I love it, and so will you! 81 prims total and retailing at L$125, due to the time it's taking me to sort out the textures...

Double french braid into two long plaits (around 45cm) - a bit of fun, with added 60cm long flexi colourchange ribbon details. Some flexis around the head and in the bangs, and some at the ends of the plaits to add a little life. 91 prims total and retailing at L$99

Well I have to release the first hair I ever made, don't I... This was the one. Simple - a few flexis because I could... nothing fancy at a price you can take it or leave it at. 27 prims total and retailing at an insignificant L$25

Guess who's spent too much time in front of the 'Lord Of The Rings'? A take on the hair of the eponymous character. Open with a braid encircling the head. Colourchange flowers make up the clasp above the drop, which is slightly curly for added texture. 93 prims total (nearly all in the braid, I assure you!) and yours for L$99

Eowyn's sister style. Not as complex - no braid or flowers, but a workable and simple open drop style (50cm long in the size 50 version.) A mere 25 prims, and retailing at $L49

Now this was made as a base for a style that I plan to work on in earnest now alpha issues have been resolved (kinda)... Ultra-low primcount unisex hair with colourchange headband. Wear this when teleporting to avoid that unfortunate "sun don't shine" problem. 3 prims(!) and retailing for just L$10... as any more wouldbe taking the mick...

Another movie inspired one - this time Kurasawa's epic... Males in mind here, but we'd recommend a skin underneath with no built in hair. Clourchange chopsticks for added effect. Somewhat fun, but due to the limiting nature of the style, yours in its 32 prim goodness for just $L49

Conservative, formal and more importantly very short (<10cm long) men's hair - a slight wave to it with some fine details in the front. Took AGES to do due to the high primcount and trying to stop it going all poofy. I like it... might be a bit severe for some but hey... your call... 165 static prims for $L75

Another men's style with a little more movement to it... Choppier and longer than George (but still under 20cm) with a fun flexi fringe and bits running down the back of the neck (to break up the lines... not look like a mullet!) layered and fun with a slight offset parting. Personally, I think this one works on the girls too... well certainly on me! Pick up the free demo and find out for yourself! 119 prims total and debuting at $L99

Ponytails - XL, 2XL and 3XL
Ah yes... Had some fun with these... All built around the same basic framework with the same head covering and bangs (and a couple of fun loose strands in front of the ears.The ponytail is topped with a coarse fabric colourchange scrunchie allowing almost innumerable colour combinations. The XL is 57 prims with a 0.8m drop on the smallest size; the 2XL is 64 prims and 1.35m long; while the queen of them all; the 3XL boasts 70 prims and a total drop of 2.1m(!) While some of the end is lost to allow for the feathered texture, when I wear the 3XL and stand still for long enough, it clips into the floor! Great ful if you go dancing in it though! Each available separately for $L49, or as a bundle of all three lengths for $L99

Other styles to come involved a more elaborate, big-hair ponytail, a single plait aimed more for the men; and a style as yet unseen as prim hair in Second Life... I'll tell you more about it once the pics are done... ;)

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