Friday, 3 September 2010

One more sleep...

Yes ladies and gentlemen - Hair Fair 2010 is as good as upon us. The designers' party wrapped about four hours ago, the bloggers are touring the booths today (in fact one has already blogged a new style of mine - Thanks Phoenix, you beat me to it!) and as of tomorrow it all goes live...

This year the fair is supporting Wigs For Kids, an organisation that provides hairpieces free to children undergoing chemotherapy, or who suffer from conditions (such as alopecia or trichotillomania) that result in hair loss. More details of the work they do can be found on their website - linked above.

This year, -dD- is throwing up three styles (a drop on the usual five I've managed before - but RL is as RL does and I have recently taken a close to three week hiatus from SL to actually go on a reasonable length holiday for the first time in nigh on seven years... mea culpa :S

First off is Ariadne - a braided ponytail style unlike any other I have instore:

It makes use of the new style braids I flashed earlier with the releases of Astrid and Trine, is available in braids only and "hair in between" (as shown in the picture). More of this sort of thing will be following soon, I imagine.

Next up is Jeela - an anime-inspired short style that a long time collaborator, Jeela Juran, wanted to get her hands on. As such, I capitulated, built it and let her model it for me... :D

She seems to like it at least... so that's all that matters(!) It makes use of some rather novel sculpts to create some whacky lines, but it works... Don't believe me? Try the demo!

Last up - the men's offering (and yes initially I was aiming for some more beards as well, but they've been pipelined due to time constraints)... a new-style dreaded affair - Don.

This baby is Rush on steroids... I reworked the dread textures to give them a little more life with this one so it should be more appealing and look a little less flat than Sawyer and Aeshna - which I will probably go back and retexture now... The thick locks are tied at the back by a couple of long knotted locks to create an elaborate pony. There's some flex in there too and some loose strands where required to break up the lines. I like it, and I hope the model (Ahmad 'Don' Hosho) does too... Got to say, he looks good in it.

Seeing as the three styles are so disparate, I was hard pressed to select one to make the charity style this year - so they ALL are. What's more, the charity cut on the larger packs is greater than the smaller ones - just to tempt you to donate more for what is a worthy cause. 4-packs are 50% cut to Wigs For Kids, the tonepacks are 60% and the fatpacks are 75%. Furthermore, the dollarbie throws all proceeds into the charity pot.

Now - I know some of you may think this a little pointless; but last year I did the same thing and raised close to $10 from dollarbie sales alone - that's close to 2500 of them sold during the run of the fair, which all added to the grand total. Every little helps, no matter *how* little that may be. I know that many in my group (and so therefore many of you reading this) do not have payment info on file and you don't buy in currency. I also know that earning money to spend in SL takes a hell of a long time to amass the sum needed to to buy a full price item, particularly a fatpack - so here's an avenue to contribute without having to spend what in some cases is six hours or more to earn the cash to get a colour pack. Not that I'll be stopping you from doing that either, of course... Also last year's script accepted overpayments for items - not tried it with this year's yet, but that's always another idea!

So there you have it. Hair Fair 2010 and the stuff I'm throwing out for it (with a sprinkle of soapboxing). I hope there's something there to tickle your fancy and get you going!

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