Thursday, 9 September 2010

Post-Hair Fair developments...

I say post, but its still going on... If you've not been yet then be sure to do so!

OK... advertising = off

I only managed to get three styles out for HF, because I was out of world for a few weeks - but while I was away my brain was ticking over and I wondered about the possibilities of pushing my boundaries.

Basically, if you flip back through this blog you'll soon discover that its all about hair... building it - rather than texturing it. Basically, I've been more or less convinced for years that I cannot so much as draw a straight line in Photoshop - primarily because I'm unfamiliar and uncomfortable with it; and my usual routine in that circumstance is to back away and not touch.

Anyway... I've been thinking about updating the braids for a while. I've bitten the bullet and have looked at the possibility of working with the new tattoo layers in 2.x and compatible viewers. For one it'll reduce the primcounts by 40 or so because there wouldn't be a need for a prim hairbase. Either way - here's a pic of an early prototype. See what you think...

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