Saturday, 23 October 2010

Variations on a theme (not by Paganini)

Greetings one and all to the 301st Discord Designs update... Never really thought I'd get here but... there you go.

Stuff to add - I've made a couple of short braided affairs that I threw out in the wee small hours local time. These themselves have a lot of similarity to the old Kaiba style from way back.

If asked, I've always said that if I could have only made one style I sell - it would have been Kaiba. Unisex, short, braided, and just a little out of the ordinary. Discord Designs to a tee, one might say.

Ryu was an attempt at recreating this in time for HF09... and after HF10 came Omri; which if anything was potentially another stab at a kaiba replacement, but was a little too rigid; maybe...

Now comes Brandon:

OK... Now I may have got it... sculptie fluffy bits, short braids and long messy ends. When I took the pic of my avatar (on the left) I had to stop and stare for a moment. In short - I like it. More than I should otherwise admit.

The other new one out today is a rework - well, retake on Nox. This is another relatively popular unisex braid dating back to a couple of months after the Kaiba appearance in January 2009. Initially designed as male, but failing to be exclusive; it's slightly longer, loose and forward on the right, dragged back on the left. I've called it Lux - Latin for Light, as Nox was Latin for dark.

So there you go... Both currently live at the main store, and in time, doubtlessly, will be populated to the satellites.

Come have a go.

Until next time,


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