Saturday, 30 October 2010

In the not too distant future...

Hi all... plenty going down over the next few days... and speaking of going down - so will my access to SL for the next month. Why? NaNoWriMo... It's become something of an institution for me, and I've got a novel to write as I've started dishing them out at Christmas to family and friends and last year's finished on something of a cliffhanger.

But anyway - News:

31st of October sees a one day sale at Second Style Island. I'll be taking part - naturally - with 33% off all styles there, and an exclusive - Esther.

not only will Esther be going live in time for the sale, it'll also be discounted by 66% - that['s a standard hair pack of four colors for just 60L for the duration of the sale. Ester will also be exclusive to Second Style Island until well into November.

Speaking of November, MoMoSL is happening starting on the 1st:

When I heard about this I had to take part. I've created a new 'tasche for it which is now available in the standard color configurations in the main store. I've dubbed it Heraldo:

The hunt gift will be in four "not for sale" colors - and marks a reappearance of Discord Red, Milk Chocolate, Raven Black and Ash Blonde. Look for the fake mo instore from the morning of the 1st of November.

And on the 5th of November, Discord Designs will be featuring in the Shopping Cart Disco "Disco Deals" event for November, featuring another exclusive fourpack - this time of Brandon, in Raven Black, Milk Chocolate, Ash Blonde and Discord Red, once again...

Further information through the subscribeo, and up here in due course...

Until next time,



Anonymous said...

That tash will look awesome with my steampunk outfit.

Anonymous said...

Well... it went live in the usual colors this morning... come and get it! :P