Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Today I shall wear purple...

Recently the media has been full of stories of young LGBT people committing suicide as the result of relentless bullying in high schools across the USA. To highlight the problem, to campaign both for the cessation of this hateful bullying, and to empower those going through it with the message that "it gets better", October the 20th has been designated "Wear Purple Day".

I will admit to feeling close to the issue on this one... back in the nineties I went through years of bullying at school, but eventually got through the other side, embraced who I was and discovered that yes - it did indeed get better.

I want to spread the word about this campaign, so I'm making an offer to you all... Join me.

For the next 24 hours, all -dDx- hair, dreads and braids - even the Nethead cables in purple have been discounted to 1L a pack in our primary satellite locations - so you too can wear purple and spread the word.

The discounted hair is available from the -dDx- satellite store on Second Style Island, in the Moonsong Caves and in the Vertigo Shopping centre on Medallion; just to the left of the club entrance. Check out the latest post in the subscribeomatic in any store for the list of SLURLS.

So come by... grab yourself some purple hair for a Linden... and spread the word.

Until next time,


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