Tuesday, 18 September 2007

I really must stop distracting myself...

Every once in a while I get a hairbrained idea... as you well know by now, all those who read this. The latest was no different. I've been debating the logistics of expanding the shape packages I intend to offer to include skins, hair and eyes to make an all-in-one instant avatar for a reasonable rate...

Well... that's all great in principle, but it means learning a hell of a lot about how graphics software works... and no, I've not succumbed and picked up a copy of Photoshop. I've been yutzing about with my ancient Heath-Robinson technology and created the easier of the two texture-based deals... eyes!

Naturally, I'm telling you this as the vendor is now live... and pictured above... so do come and give them a look! They're up in the accessories gazebo, and in true Discord Designs tradition, they're cheap and cheerful. Hope you like!

Until next time,


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