Saturday, 22 September 2007

I'll see your nine and raise you thirty...

OK guys and girls... there are now so many eyes in-store that they have been shifted to a purpose built area just past the office... Yes... The eye hut is open, holding no fewer than 39 different colors to choose from... All the colors of the bow, no less... including some utterly beautiful multiway ones that have to be tried to be believed... Luna is lovely... but Terra and Nebula have to be my favourites... So give them a look... or even just pick 'em up and se for yourself... That's $L15 apiece, people... you cannot go wrong here!

Also noteworthy is that, time permitting next week, the first Discord Designs franchise will be opening... I'll fill you in as and when there's stuff to see, but overall it should be a goodie... That's if the guys advertising the mall are up to thier word!

Still... finer notes... Criss is now reloaded live in 48 colors, rather than 32... Tori and Marion are set to follow soon. Dexter is in second phase development and is set to be tinted and cloned by the end of the week... So...

Busy busy busy!

and watch this space as always!

Until, next time,


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