Thursday, 13 September 2007

Jet is the new black...

Hey all... I've been sat on my ever expanding butt doing nothing again!

Wait? No! That can't be right!!

Well... yes and no... I've not made a lot of hair of late... but I've redesigned the Discord Designs palette, taking the range from 32 to 48 colors... Including a new black - well... two... after hearing people complain that Midnight wasn't dark enough I've not only gone and created Jet, which is as black as you please, but Onyx, which is still black, but not as dark as Jet, but still darker than Midnight...

Oh hell... I'm never going to be able to explain this clearly, so I'll do what I always resort to and hoof up an image, although be warned, it's a biggie... All in all there are seven new darks (Jet, Onyx, Gunmetal, Anthracite, Liquorice, Espresso and Pepper), 5 new reds (Lava, Auburn, Bronze, Pavlova and Sherbet), 2 new lights (Copper and Silver) and 2 more unaturals - Leaf and Cobalt - as I didn't feel I offered a reasonable mid-blue or mid-green.

The main push has been to resolve the derth of dark natural colors in the range, with more grays, auburns and browns added to bulk the lines. Also note that the decision to create fatpacks of 12, rather than ten colors has been made - these will retail at $L349 for a $L99 style; $L265 for a $L75 and $L175 for a $L49 do. Existing lines will be expanded to include the new colors as time permits, so watch this space. Should you be unable to wait, however, drop me a notecard in-world with your requested style and new color, drop me the cost price plus $L50 "exclusivity premium" and I'll ship them direct to you in advance!

Until next time,


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