Friday, 16 November 2007

Axe and Nariko live...

...Nariko has a new vendor photo...

...yet the eye crate is yet to appear!

The reasons are straightforward, really. I've been busy with other things. News of forthcoming releases is always frustrating without pics, but I can reveal a new men's style, James, is underway - it looks and works similar to Criss, but a little more carefully done. Also, no fewer than SIX ponytails are en route to replace the existing three, which are now showing their age.

In ther news; as James and one other men's style go live, (plans are afoot for a dedicated long one) Jude and Axe will move, along with the new ponies, into the unisex area. Aki and Whisper will head to the back - and Kate, Band and Zoe will be retired.

You have been warned... ;)

Until next time,


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