Sunday, 18 November 2007

First retirement in the offing...

Well... the shop has been live for nigh on five months... we've seen panic, drama runs on certain styles... and others that sat there and simply didn't move...

Second Life is full of hair designers... some famous and amazing... some famous and not so... others small and amazing... others not so... and it's fair to say I rank in the latter category; primarily as this is a learning process and I'm carrying dead weight... so the time comes to start axing (no pun intended after the recent release name) the styles that, for want of a better word, suck...

The fist to bite the dust is Band... simply because nobody will buy it, even for a Linden. And if you read back you did say that it was the base fo a style that I was working on, but didn't have the skill to pull off back then... Well... now I've managed it. This is Siren:

To be honest, I look at myself (pictured right) and think I've never looked hotter... but that could just be a me thing. It's a long straight style (that I'm calling unisex... because Arthur here don't look bad either!) with a couple of flexi bits at the front, hanging over the band which is, of course, colorchange. Due for release with Mu, our first flexi tail, next week.

Band will be retired as Siren goes live, but will carry on in the bargain basement under the shed, available as a storage crate only at a much reduced rate... so a linden, then!

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