Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Miss Burns playing catch-up...

Well it's time for news of new releases again - three so far this week.

As mentioned before, I've throwmn out the Basic Neko Kit, and now the Complete Neko Kit too... ear tail, hair and eyes, all bundled together. Also been busy enough to get Siren out there; so be one of the first to wear this rather stunning hairdos!

In other news, prototyping is now finishes and tinting and cloming of Hydra and Chimera is underway - both are about a third of teh way through this somewhat arduous process (made even moreso when your six-year-old machine is grinding away with background processes you cannot locate...) but still... Won't be long now.

I've decided, seeing as they're so similar, to also launch a double pack of Hydra and Chimera so you can have both at a 25% discount, which isn't too shabby!

Bring on the photos!

In other news, Band, Zoe and Kate have now been officially retired... So no, you cannot request either one in a single color anymore. BUT you can still buy the storage crate should you so desire; at the cunningly discounted rates of 25L each for Zoe and Kate; or 1L for Band. Note that for the moment, Siren and the neko kits, along with the retired lines are only available at our main store on Synchronicity.

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