Sunday, 25 November 2007

Developments, and why the heck have I not released anything this week?

OK, what can I say...?

Asset server issues in the main - every time I find the time to tint and clone, LL prevents me picking anything up - it's frustrating in the extreme and there have indeed been tears of frustration; but Siren and Mu will be coming shortly. That said, seeing as I cannot tint and clone, it hasn't stopped me building.

I've created a cat tail and ears set (the basic neko kit) which I will be launching as is, and with Aya and packs of cat eyes as a complete neko kit - 39 and 149L respectively.

Also I have created two additional hairstyles - a funky four-way pony called Hydra, set for imminent release, and a two-way long flexi pony based on Hydra called Chimera - both will be set for rapid deployment at 99L apiece, or as a double pack for 149L. Pics to follow once I get the vendor boards assembled.

Furthermore, this means some serious moving about to get everything to fit in. Zoe has been retired, along with Band. The Marion Eowyn double pack has been deleted, and Eowyn has been cut to 49L. Further developments are likely to see the early retirement of Kate, a cut in price for Joss, Aki and Heidi to 49L etc. etc.etc. I could go on, but really... if I did this post would last forever...

Eyes wise, the charity crate is on hold pending a complete reworking of the human eye colours - all forty-odd, to give dilated pupils as an option. We're nearly there, but I'm not gonna upload them until I am SURE I can set up the eye hut to accommodate, so please bear with me.

Furtherore, Wisper has announced her intention to start making hair (under my tutorage, the poor thing), so watch this space for news of her work becoming live... and she's looking at specialising in men's hair, which is likely to be a relief to all and sundry... myself included.

I only hope that I get enough time to make a decent stab at getting things online soon.

Until next time,


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